The Story of Labor With Love

The Story of Labor With Love

Hello! My name is Lydia and I am the founder of Labor With Love, LLC. This process has been… well there really isn’t one word that sums up what this experience of becoming a doula, starting a business, and finding myself has been like. There has been a lot of up’s and a lot of down’s, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything at this point because it has refocused my energy and my intentions for what I want to do as a career. I went from feeling afraid & unsure to confident & eager to pursue a career in medicine! (As an OBGYN if that wasn’t obvious based on the whole doula thing!)


Labor With Love has given me so much and has taught me so so much because to start, I am BROKE! And when I say broke, I mean B R O K E, okay?! That means that I have learned not only how to be a doula but how to be a website designer, copyrighter, accountant, social media manager, marketer, negotiator, saleswoman, budgeter, and any other job you can think of associated with a business because while I may not have a lot of money, I have a whole lot of time on my hands! With all of this time, I have made mistakes, wasted money, wasted time, totally messed up consultations, and wasted time investing in the wrong people, but guess what? That’s what happens when you start something new! 

Despite all of these pitfalls, I have been able to create a successful business and really, truly grow. I have discovered some amazing skills I have, particularly social media marketing. I have learned so much about Black maternal health and the healthcare industry as a whole in America. Most importantly, I have met some of the most inspiring individuals that otherwise, I would have never met! These people inspire me, push me, and motivate me to be my best self and I will forever be grateful for the incredible souls I have met on this journey!

Come along with me on my doula journey to learn more about doula life, maternal health, sexual health, and updates for what’s going on over here at Labor With Love!